Keep on running

von Maya Dolder

Keep on running

Top tips to improve your running, courtesy of Malcolm Balk from The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

Every year the London Marathon serves as inspiration to get us off the couch and into our running shoes. Yet once the initial enthusiasm wears off, poor technique can prevent us finding our flow and discovering the feeling of free and easy movement. Just as importantly, treating running as a task – another item to be ticked off a daily to-do list – is a likely route to boredom and bad habits, even for the most ardent of runners.

The Alexander Technique offers a response to these issues. The Technique is a way of developing good use of the body and greater awareness of the way it functions. By applying its principles to sport and physical activity, we can approach running as an art rather than purely a technique. The emphasis becomes less on targets such as running a set distance in a pre-determined time, and more on the process of exploration and enhanced awareness that running offers. This is especially important when training for a marathon where an optimum and safe running technique can often become overshadowed by time and distance goals.


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